ZEEGUNST OP 28: LEVEL ZEE 28 Dec - 31 Dec 2021

Hi and welcome to LEVEL ZEE: ZEEGUNST OP 28 – “DIE VERANTWOORDELIKE VOLWASSENES” event ticketing page.

You are here because you have been invited to the most exclusive New Year’s party on the planet.  All artists for this event have been carefully selected and the guests even more so.

LEVEL ZEE: Hierdie jaar se event is vol net mooi goed. Hoe meer verantwoordelik jy is, hoe veiliger is jy. As jy weet van ons, en jy weet waar ons is, is jy deel van ‘n baie spesiale familie en die feit dat jy die lees beteken die bg. is van toepassing tot jou. Kan nie wag om jou vriendelike gesig te sien nie.

Die Agtergrond:

‘n Legendariese nuwejaarspartytjie. Die kunstenaars is fyn uitgesoek, die gaste nog fyner. Die beste rock- en blues-musikante van Suid-Afrika tree hier op – en jy is gelukkig as jy genooi is.  Diep weggesteek tussen die duine van Vleesbaai en Fransmanshoek se natuurreservaat, sit die vier Hanekom-broers se private vakansie-eiendom genaamd Zeegunst wat vir meer as ‘n dekade gasheer gespeel het vir een van die mees legendariese, geheime nuwejaarspartytjies.

In Desember 2017 het dié intieme partytjie ‘n nuwe huis gekry – om die hoek van Zeegunst – genaamd 28 en in 2020 het ons ‘n Republiek van ons eie geword. Net diegene wat al daar was sal verstaan. Wie weet wat die volgende een inhou…dalk word jy genooi… dalk nie.

Expect amazing artist and collaborations, piano concertos, great specials at the bar, amazing food and the best people in the world.

Artists include: Akkedis, Wonderboom, Jake Gunn, Johnathan Martin, Hugo Veldsman, Jeandré Swanepoel, Blackwood Wendy, Karel Bester, Hollowbody, Dragonfly, El Cantanté, Jahworx and many more to be announced soon…

Zeegunst op 28 T-shirts @ R250

Level Zee Tshirt

Order your t-shirt when you book your ticket at https://zeegunstop28.com/bookings

Our menu for the event

Clean up after yourself and others. 

Rules, regulations, indemnity and deference:

1) Regulations and indemnity:

  • Attendees to this event do so at their own risk.
  • The owners and organisers will not be held responsible or accept any liability for any accidents, damage, loss or injury incurred.
  • By buying a ticket to this event you waiver any claim whatsoever, be it Covid-19 related or not.
  • In the case that this years’ event (2021) can for whatever reason not take place, your ticket will be deferred to next year.  No refunds will take place but you are secured of your place at the 2022 New Year’s festival.
  • Please try and limit your ins-and-outs, in other words, we want everybody to be safe and the best way to that is for everybody to stay at Zeegunst op 28.
  • Covid-19 regulations will be adhered to and will include the following:
So to stipulate: Get all your shopping done before you enter as you can check out but you can never leave!

2) Rules

  • The Republic of 28 has zero tolerance for: People with bad attitudes, high maintenance people or anyone who does not respect the rules on the property. The main rule is, anything Bally says, goes.
  • No animals allowed.
  • You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food but there is a cash bar on site as well as a day to day menu to pre-order meals. If your meals have not been pre-ordered by 3 December 2021 you will not be able to purchase food on the premises.
  • The kitchen is for communal use, unless the kitchen staff are busy preparing the pre-ordered meals for the day, then you should stay out of their way.
  • ALL persons are responsible for the washing up of their dirty dishes, cutlery, utensils and any kitchen equipment that was used for the preparation of their food. Anyone who does not work as a team or who does not look after their own ‘dirtiness’ will be ejected.

  • NO FIRES except in the allocated braai area.

3) Ticket price – R500 pp

  • Your ticket is your access to Zeegunst op 28 anytime from 28 December 2021 until 01 January 2022. You are allowed to book for yourself and 3 more people on  your email address/login details (If you need to book and pay for more than 4 tickets this can be negotiated with Jessica – jessica@tobc.co.za)
  • You will be held responsible for anyone who got referred by / bought a ticket through you should there be some of those people who misbehave or cause any damages.
  • No refunds, so if you book your ticket (event or meal tickets) and the event gets deferred to next year, your ticket stays valid for 2022 New year’s party.
  • Meals are not included in the ticket price.

4) Meals

  • You will have the option of pre-booking your meals for every day from 28 December – 1 January.
  • ALL MEAL ORDERS to be placed no later than 3 December 2021. Read carefully when booking your tickets and meals and make sure you select the correct dates.

For any inquiries please email jessica@tobc.co.za

Ticket sales close by 03 December 2021.